If you manufacture medical implants, safety critical aerospace components or any high precision workpiece Mahr has long been a byword for ultra-precision metrology. Accustomed to dealing with limits at sub-micron levels Mahr’s range of Formtesters and Surface finish systems have helped companies evolve their processes to keep pace with ever changing demands. If you need to understand part geometries or material structures in more detail we are here to help you.

Explore Mahr’s confocal micrpscopy, contour and roughness measurement and portable roughness measurement.

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"The World speaks Mahr"

Whether automotive, aerospace or medical technology high-precision workpieces play a crucial role in the quality of the final products.

The Mahr image film takes you into the world of dimensional metrology and shows how products worldwide are manufactured in the highest quality and highest precision with the help of Mahr measuring instruments – because the world speaks Mahr!

Mahr Roughness
3D Surface Characteristics
Mahr Surf Machine

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